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Taking Care of Caretakers

Veteran’s Charities. We all know about them. Heck, you can’t watch network television with seeing the advertisements for all those groups wanting your donations. Unfortunately, many of those charities aren’t always on the up and up. They collect a lot of money and in many cases the majority of that money goes into “administrative” costs. “Administrative costs”. Those are code words for we pay our CEO a lot of money.

Do you know where the money you donate goes?

Let me tell you about one you can trust. Camp Corral. Some of our veterans who have suffered devastating, life altering events while in the service of our country. Many of these veterans have families who depend on them. In many cases their injuries are so severe it means they will never be able to provide more than basic needs for their families. Wives and children become caregivers in the home. I want you to take a moment and think about that. Caregiving for a loved one. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

It’s especially tough on kids. Most of us remember our childhoods as being pretty good. Our worst worries were our grades, did that cute kid in the desk one row over like us or did I remember to bring in my homework? As for going to summer camp, of course your going, why wouldn’t you?

Not so easy for the children of disabled and deceased veterans. Bluntly, their parents can’t afford it! That’s where camp Corral steps in. Camp Corral is an organization that walks the walk. They provide free summer camp experiences to the children of disabled and deceased veterans. They have been doing it for years. You can check them out at

Camp Corral

We donate a portion of every dollar we make to this group. We think you should too. If you want to learn more about Camp Corral or a way to donate, simply give us a call at 623-283-2067 or fill out the form and we will be glad to help you.

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