How to Buy a Home in Glendale With a Top Realtor

One of the most exciting and intimidating things to do in your adult life is buying a home. But before you buy a home in Glendale, get the help of a realtor. Our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ has the best agents in the local market.

With the help of our team’s expertise, you won’t be stressed during the search for your perfect home. Our real estate experts are here to eliminate that stress in any way possible.

There are plenty of homes for sale in the Glendale area. And our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ will make sure you see you reach your goals. We take the home buying process very seriously, and we strive to meet your real estate needs.

When you work with our team, we provide you with all of the information you need to make the most well-informed decision. We take the complexity and anxiety out of the home buying process so that you can move into your new home quickly and start to enjoy your new life.

Buy a Home in Glendale

Ways to Find the Right Real Estate Agent when Buying a Home in Glendale

Before you start looking for the perfect home, find a real estate agent who can work with you effectively. We believe that it is essential for our team to listen to everything you have to say. That will help us find the type of home you are looking for. With us, you are not just another client. We want to see you and your family in the perfect home, and we want to help you find it. 

Tim Kendrick and his team guarantees that you will find the right home. We will provide you with as much information about the home buying process. And it is all available to you free of charge! On our website, you will find all of this information. 

To learn more about the resources available here, you can fill out the form at the bottom of the page. An expert on our team will respond to it quickly at no cost or obligation to you.

Trust in Your Real Estate Agent Is Essential When Buying a Home in Glendale

Buying a home is a major investment of money and time. At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ, we have been the trusted real estate agents for thousands of clients. And we are confident that we can guide you through the home buying process.

Give us a call at 623-283-2067 or contact us here to find out more about how our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ can ensure you find the right home at a great price. 

The Home Buying Process Can Be Easy with the Right Real Estate Agent

When you first decide to buy a home in Glendale, the process can seem overwhelming, especially when there are so many places to potentially find homes for sale. But how can you determine if the houses you find are right for you?

With Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ, you can easily search for homes that are of interest to you using our website search feature. All you need to do is enter the city, address, zip code, or MLS ID of your choice, and our system will filter through the homes for sale near you. In addition, you can also search for:

  • Price range
  • Number of bedrooms/bathrooms
  • Type of property
  • Dates listed
  • Square footage
  • The amount of acreage
  • Special features – pool, fenced-in yard, a house with land, a garage, or a fireplace

Our system will help you find homes in the area that perfectly match your criteria. You don’t have to waste time on properties that are not attractive to you.

Buying a Home Requires Research

When you buy a home in Glendale, you should research the homes that are available. But you also want to find out all you can about the area where you’ll be living. Learn about schools, shopping centers, grocery stores, parks, entertainment, and much more. This will be essential when you are making your final decision.

With our real estate system, any house listed for sale will also have accurate, comprehensive information. Plus, you’ll get a map of the area and full-color photos of the property. Everything you need to know about the home, property, and neighborhood will be at your disposal. And if you do not see what you are looking for, just give us a call at 623-283-2067 and we will discuss it with you personally.

Our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ is also offering you FREE access to tools. Use the mortgage calculator and relocation guide to help you save time, energy, and frustration during the home buying process.

Are You a Renter? Find Out How to Buy a Home in Glendale

Anyone who has ever made the transition from renter to home buyer in Glendale knows that this change can be stressful, challenging, and frustrating, especially if you do not have an experienced and helpful guide providing you with all of the necessary tools, information, and resources needed to make the transition successfully.

When you are renting, it often seems as if you are stuck in a place that doesn’t feel like yours. Why? Because it isn’t your house. Renting a house also means that you are paying someone else’s mortgage. Do you really want to be earning equity for your landlord and not yourself?

Why give your landlord equity when you could be earning your own? Why feel the need to ask for permission from your landlord to make any changes in your house? Don’t feel trapped or throw money away anymore. Get out of the renter’s rut after reading our new report, “How to Stop Paying Rent and Own Your Own Home.” Find out how you can transition from renter to homeowner.

Buy a Home in Glendale

Buy a Home in Glendale Without a Huge Down Payment

One of the aspects of buying a home that seems to be prohibitive for many people is saving up for a huge down payment. However, something that some individuals do not know is that a huge down payment is not necessarily required to buy a home in Glendale.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or simply need a chance to buy a home in Glendale without a huge down payment, there are options for home buyers like you to get the home they’ve always wanted without worrying about putting down $10,000, $20,000, or even more as a down payment.

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ, we have an entire Hotlist Of Zero Down Properties. Each of these properties is available to buy with a low or zero down payment! We are also offering you FREE access to an industry report prepared by real estate experts called How to Buy a Home With Little Or No Money Down

In this report, you will read about the innovative program that can help you break into the housing market without making a huge down payment. Simply fill out our form with the requested information, and you will receive access to the 6 Little Known Facts That Can Help You Buy Your First Home.

Join Our Priority Access List to Never Miss Out on a Home Buying Opportunity

One of the worst things that could happen as a home buyer is to find out about a home buying opportunity in a less than timely manner. Knowing that another home buyer was able to see the home and potentially make an offer before you even knew of its existence means that you are missing out on home buying opportunities.

With our real estate agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ, you will have priority access to off-market homes. This means that you will get to see the homes before any other home buyers even know it’s available. That way you can negotiate a low price and prevent bidding wars. 

Don’t Trust the Online Sources

Nearly 50% of homes that were sold last year were not purchased from the MLS. Many home buyers miss out on these available homes because they only search online, and they likely did not work with real estate agents that have access to off-market listings.

Online sources such as Zillow®, Trulia®, Redfin® & MLS are notorious for having outdated information and no updates. Our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ will search hot off-market homes to find you the home of your dreams. Contact us to request priority access to our Off-Market Home service now!

It’s also important to note that the values of homes can be reported in a wildly inaccurate and unreliable way through Zillow®. When you trust Zillow’s Zestimate, you will soon find out that these estimates are not as accurate as they should be. 

How Does Priority Off-Market Access Work When Buying a Home with Our Real Estate Agents?

When you sign up with our real estate agents, you will fill out our web form in order to create a unique home buyer profile in our system. Using the criteria and information you provide, our system will match you with houses in our priority off-market listings that we believe will suit your needs.

Our team will scour the properties in the off-market listings to find any home that matches your specific criteria. This includes company-owned homes, bank foreclosures, public records, and more. You will never miss out on another opportunity with us!

Each listing that we send to you will have full-color photos and accurate, comprehensive details about the property. They will be in your preferred price range and location. Imagine opening your email and finding the home of your dreams! Our priority access report gives you a huge advantage over other home buyers, and all of this is available at no cost or obligation.

Instant Access to All the Home Buyer Resources You Could Need

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ, our real estate agents believe that information and education are the keys to successfully buying a home in Glendale. We have a whole page of buyer’s resources that are sure to help you make a well-informed decision.

Our buyer’s resources include:

All of this personally-selected information is available to you for FREE, and we encourage you to pass these articles on to any of your friends and family who may also benefit from them.

Check Out These Insider Reports:

All of these insider reports and resources are designed to teach you about the home buying process. Why do we offer it for free? Because we care about our clients, and we always go the extra mile to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your home buying experience.

We also offer a number of exciting and attractive guarantees to further protect you during the home buying process.

Home Buying Guarantees in Glendale

One of the most important things that our home buyers should know is that their home buying decisions are backed up by several important guarantees which we offer you upfront and in writing. They are designed to give you peace of mind as you make this major investment.

Our Exclusive Buyer Cancellation Guarantee in Glendale

Most real estate agents lock you into a Home Buyer Agreement that is, for all intents and purposes, impossible for you to escape. They have expensive cancellation fees and lengthy broker protection periods. Fortunately, there is a real estate team that thinks of your best interest rather than their own – Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ.

Our real estate team is so confident that our system will work that we have created the Home Buyer Cancellation Guarantee. This guarantees that you can cancel your Home Buyer Agreement at any time before making an offer to buy a home in Glendale. If, for any reason, our service does not meet your expectations, you can cancel the agreement without penalty or obligation.

In addition to the Home Buyer Cancellation Guarantee, our team offers several other home buyer guarantees that we are sure to make your home buying experience as smooth and risk-free as possible.

Avoid Real Estate Agents Who Don’t Offer a Buyer Cancellation Agreement 

Just about every real estate agent that you may work with will be promising you everything under the sun when it comes to buying a home. Many real estate agents will have high pressure tactics to make sure that you work with them and give them your commission.

However, it is important to ask if they:

  • can back up those promises with a solid performance 
  • provide a 100% risk-free home buyer program
  • guarantee you the right to cancel your home buyer’s agreement 

We are willing to bet that very few, if any, can say these things definitively. In fact, the performances of so many real estate agents is less than stellar, and a recent survey of home buyers showed that 72% of them were dissatisfied with their real estate agents.

This demonstrates that the risks associated with signing a Home Buyer Agreement can be very high. These agreements are beneficial to the real estate agent due to the long-term commitment, lengthy broker protection periods, and high cancellation fees. You are basically stuck once you sign the agreement, but your real estate agent is not.

You should have a way out of that agreement!

Only Hire Real Estate Agents in Glendale Who Offer a Buyer Cancellation Guarantee

In our area, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ is the only real estate agent who will offer a buyer cancellation guarantee. We are 100% committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service when it comes to buying a home, and we work diligently to meet that expectation.

In fact, we allow you the opportunity to evaluate our work. We believe that we will meet your expectations and live up to our own standards, but if we do not, we offer you the right to cancel your Home Buyer Agreement free of penalty or obligation. As long as no offers have been made, you can cancel your agreement with us if we fail to deliver on our promises.

Give us a call at 623-283-2067 to find out more about our home buyer cancellation guarantee and the protection it offers you during the home buying process.

Our Exclusive Buyer Protection Plan Guarantee

For most people, buying a home is the largest investment of money, time, and energy that they will ever make. That means the home they buy needs to be perfect. Using this information, we have developed the Exclusive Buyer Protection Plan to make sure you are 100% satisfied. 

Here’s how it works: if you buy a home in Glendale with our real estate agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ, we allow you to take 24 months to make sure it is right for you and your family. If you are not satisfied with the home within that time period, we will sell it for free. Think of this as your home buying safety net. 

Throughout the home buying process, our team will use our unique systems to match you with a home that perfectly fits your needs, and we are sure you will be happy with your choice.

The Way a Home Buyer Protection Plan Guarantee Works

If you have ever bought a home with another real estate agency in the past, you probably noticed that they disappeared once the paperwork was signed and the closing was complete, right? Well, that is not how we operate at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ.

We believe that our job is not done until we know that you are 100% satisfied with your new home. We honor our commitment to you long after you have moved into your new home, and that’s where the home buyer protection plan comes into play. This is the type of answer you should be getting when you ask potential real estate agents the questions found here: What Questions You Should Be Asking Your Real Estate Agent.

If, in 24 months or less, you come to realize that this is not the perfect home for you, we will still be there for you. We offer you a fallback plan – something that most home buyers do not consider. Our team will be happy to help you find another home that better suits your needs, and we will sell your current home for free.

*Buyer must be a VIP buyer client to receive a protection plan. 

Our Exclusive Covid-19 Buyer Protection Plan Guarantee in Glendale

As everyone has noticed, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of everyone around the entire world. This includes the home buying process. Our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ wants to make sure that you and your family remain safe and healthy, and we created the Exclusive Covid-19 Buyer Protection Plan guarantee to give you peace of mind.

Buying a home is a major investment, and a serious illness and/or hospitalization can throw the whole system out of whack. If you or a family member is infected with COVID-19 and you are not able to stay in your newly purchased home, our real estate agents are there to help.

If, within 2 years of purchasing a home with us, you or a family member contracts COVID-19 and you need to leave or sell a home, our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ is here. We will either buy it back from you or sell it with no commission charges. Our team knows how devastating the effects of the virus can be, and we do not want to make it any worse.

*Conditions are upfront and simple: Buyer must be an Exclusive VIP buyer client to receive Covid-19 buyer protection plan. 

The Buy Your Home Back Guarantee in Glendale

When we say that we will find you the perfect home for you and your family, we mean it! We even back it up with the Buy Your Home Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your home within the first 24 months, we will buy it back from you. It’s as simple as that. No hassles, no questions, no problems!

Discovering that you do not like your new home after having moved in is one of the most awful things that could happen to a home buyer. At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ, we do not want any of our home buyers to feel stuck in a home they are not happy living in. We make the return process as easy as possible.

How Does the Buy Your Home Back Guarantee Work?

There are occasions when a home buyer is not happy with the listing that they recently purchased. With our Buy Your Home Back Guarantee, we have solved this dilemma for you. If you aren’t satisfied with the home within the first 24 months, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ will buy it back.

This guarantee will be delivered to you upfront and in writing because we know how much time, effort, and money you will be investing in your new home. If you aren’t happy, I Will Buy it Back – Guaranteed!* Consider this your backup plan because your happiness is our number one priority.

Our Exclusive Your Home Sold or I’ll Buy It Back Guarantee

When an individual is buying and selling a home simultaneously, they run the risk of getting stuck in the Real Estate Catch-22. During this time, it is possible for a home buyer to be stuck with 2 homes or none at all depending on how quickly your current home sells and how long the home buying process takes. To avoid this situation, check out this free special report – How Can I Buy And Sell At The Same Time?

Our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ has developed a guarantee that is sure to prevent you from being in this dilemma. It is the Your Home Sold Or I’ll Buy It Back Guarantee

Our guarantee eliminates the risk and gives you peace of mind. We take on all of the risks associated with home buying and home selling. Our team guarantees your home will sell. If not to another buyer, it will go to Tim Kendrick!

How can we be confident enough to offer this guarantee? Here’s why:

  • We have thousands of registered buyers in our database looking for a home
  • They could be looking for your home
  • You could have a buyer before you even list your home
  • We typically sell homes for 100% of listing or more—and we often put an extra 10% in your pocket
  •  We sell 70% faster than other agents in the local market!

You simply cannot beat these stats!

This Is How the Your Home Sold or I’ll Buy It Back Guarantee Works

Curious about the Your Home Sold Or I’ll Buy It Back Guarantee? Here’s how it works: we prepare a free, no-obligation total market analysis of your home first. Following this, you will receive a print-out with comparable homes sales, current listings in your area, and what the house down the street sold for

With this information in hand, we will determine a market value for your home. Using the established price, we will call it your guaranteed price and list price. Again, this is all offered to you upfront and in writing prior to listing your home on the real estate market.

Because we have established the guaranteed price, it ensures that your home will sell for the agreed price and timeframe no matter what happens on the real estate market. It’s your insurance policy, and the Your Home Sold Guarantee has your back.

Want even more? Our real estate agents will pay you money on top of the sale of your home!

Even more Protection from Our Buy It Back Guarantee

With the Buy It Back Guarantee from Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ, you win no matter what. Here’s how:

  • If your home does not sell within the agreed-upon timeframe, I will buy back your home myself for the guaranteed sale price we agreed on together.
  • If you receive an offer on your home higher than the guaranteed sale price, you get the higher offer, not me.

As we have said before, we take on ALL the risks of the home buying process and eliminate the typical stresses and concerns that home sellers encounter. Don’t worry about conditional offers, emotional roller coasters, or getting stuck owning two homes!

With our My Guaranteed Home Sale Program, our team does all of the hard work. Just sit back and relax knowing your home will sell, and you will always get the best offer, either from another home buyer or the guaranteed sale price from us.

Buy a Home in Glendale with Our Experienced Team 

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ, our team has the experience, expertise, and knowledge of the current real estate market to help you find the perfect home for you and your family. We have a proven track record, and our previous clients are happy to discuss their experiences with you. Check out their reviews here.

If you are interested in finding out more about our real estate services or you want to buy a home in Glendale, give us a call at 623-283-2067 or send us an email at [javascript protected email address].

Fill out the form below with the requested information to get a detailed email response from an expert on our team. We can’t wait to help you move into your new home!


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