How to Get Cash for Your Glendale Home

Know if an Offer of Cash for Your Glendale Home is Legitimate

If you’re selling your home in Glendale, receiving a cash offer sounds great. Nearly every homeowner would love to get cash when they sell. But when buyers offer cash for your Glendale home, the offer may be too good to be true.

So how do you know whether the offer of cash for your Glendale home is legitimate or not? 

To help you answer this quandary, we’ve created a list of tips. It will help ensure that the sale of your home is legal when selling it for cash.

Cash Offers When Your Home Isn’t for Sale

Sometimes, a homeowner will receive a cash offer for their home when it’s not listed for sale. This offer can come in the form of a telephone call, letter or text message. What gives?

Generally, these offers to buy your home for cash come from investors, house flippers or house scammers. But the majority of them are trying to take advantage of you.

Here’s how the scam works: the potential homebuyer offers you a price that is less than what your home is worth, assuming that you don’t know the true market value of your home. They may try to convince you that this offer is higher than what you would get if you listed your home for sale on the market. 

You may get such an offer when your home is listed for sale as well. 

The best way to protect yourself from this kind of scam is to know what your home is really worth and to seek the advice of a real estate expert if you are considering selling your Glendale home.

“Good Guy” Cash Offers

Another technique that scammers use is that they will present themselves as a “good guy” who can take your home off your hands for cash, fast and easy. They too will try to convince you that the offer they are giving is higher than what you would receive on the free market. 

These offers often go to retired seniors whose homes are in foreclosure. Or, an offer may come to someone who has a great deal of repairs to make to their property. Stacey Wood, a psychologist and professor at Scripps College in California says, “I see these scams a lot when I investigate elder abuse and exploitation cases.” Her advice is to consult with a realtor before you take any cash offer seriously. 

Legitimate Cash Offers for Your Glendale Home with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ

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