The Ultimate Guide to Sell a House in Litchfield Park

The Ultimate Guide to Sell a House in Litchfield Park
How to Sell a House in Litchfield Park

The Ins and Outs of Selling a House in Litchfield Park

If you drive around the residential sections of Litchfield Park, AZ, you may see a variety of “For Sale” signs in people’s front yards. Some of these signs are “For Sale By Owner.” But a majority of them are likely signs that belong to a real estate agent in Litchfield Park. People are selling houses in the area every day. But the process can be a challenge if you are unaware of how it works. Let’s take a deeper look at the steps to sell a house in Litchfield Park.

In many cases, home sellers simply leave everything up to the real estate agents. Because, after all, that’s what they’re getting paid for. However, this puts the home seller at a distinct disadvantage throughout the whole process.

It is important that home sellers in Arizona educate themselves on everything that is involved in selling a home. While you may not need to know every tiny detail, especially if you are working with a top realtor, it is in your best interest to know what to expect. Get a reasonable timeline for selling a home, and how to determine the asking price for your home.

Find an Expert Agent

Agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ are dedicated to helping you sell a house in Litchfield Park fast. And we’ll get the highest possible price for your home. We are also committed to making sure can navigate the home selling process. This helps keep your stress at a minimum throughout. 

To help, we have developed this FREE guide. It will give you all of the insider information you may need during the home selling process. We understand that your house is your largest and most important asset. We are dedicated to helping you get the most out of the sale of your home. Plus, we want to reduce your anxiety. Learn how to sell a home in Litchfield Park, AZ, fast and for top dollar with our FREE guide! 

Why Are You Selling a Home in Litchfield Park?

Before you start calculating your home’s listing price, you need to understand what’s motivating the sale. Do this before getting an agent, or deciding what needs to be fixed also. Why? Because it will affect the way you approach the process. The amount of money, time, and effort you are willing to dedicate to getting it sold quickly may change.

Your motivation for selling a home in Litchfield Park will help to determine your timeframe. You’ll also know what minimum offer you are willing to accept. If you’re on a strict timeline (maybe for a new job), you may be tempted to accept a low offer. You could even list the house lower than it’s worth to ensure the sale goes quickly.

However, this isn’t the only factor that influences the time you allow for the sale or the asking price. When you work with an experienced real estate agent, use their expertise. They can help ensure your home sells quickly and for the best possible price. No matter the circumstances. 

Motivation Should Be a Secret

Knowing what your motivation is and how it could potentially affect the home selling process is a good first step. But it is equally important to make sure that your motivation remains a secret. Keep it between you and your real estate agent. Why? Negotiations!

Home buyers should never be aware of your motivation or reason to sell a house in Litchfield Park. If they do know, it could be used to their advantage during the negotiation. They’ll try to secure a lower selling price. Should they ask why you’re selling, keep your answer vague and general. Stating that your housing needs have changed is more than sufficient.

Here are some of the most common reasons people sell:

  • New Job
  • Upgrading
  • Downsizing
  • Lower Mortgage
  • Offer Made on Another Home
  • Scenery Change
  • Family/Medical Needs

No matter the reason, it is essential that you keep your motivation in mind. Use our real estate agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ to get the best possible price.

1. New Job

When an individual gets a new job, it sometimes requires that person to relocate to a different city. That means a long commute in some cases. But more often, people buy a home in the city where the job is located. It is a perfectly valid and common reason to sell a home in Litchfield Park.

Sadly, buyers will use it to negotiate a lower sale price. Knowing that you likely have a short window of time to sell gives homebuyers reason to submit a lowball offer. They hope you’ll consider it just to get the sale done quickly.

Another common tactic is for the homebuyer (or their real estate agent) to stall. They’ll delay negotiations so you run out of time. This time crunch puts you in a bad situation and may influence your decision to accept a lower-than-asking-price offer. That is why you should always keep your motivation to sell a home to yourself.

2. Upgrading

People make drastic changes to their lives all the time, and sometimes these changes require a larger home. Having a baby, allowing a family member or friend to move into your home, starting a home business, and many other life changes could result in the need to move up to a bigger home

If you tell buyers you’re selling because you need a bigger home, they may start to rethink buying. What if the house is small for their needs as well? If they question their choice, it could spell the end of the deal. This could put you back at square one, needing a new buyer.

3. Downsizing

There are also many reasons why a person or family may need to reduce the size of their home. Empty Nesters who no longer have several children living at home may feel the house is too big and lonely. A divorced individual may also feel the overwhelming size of a house and decide to downsize.

Again, this should not be something that you divulge to your potential home buyer. It is none of their business, and it could make them rethink their decision to buy such a large home.

4. Lower Mortgage Payment

No one wants high monthly payments for their home. Sometimes it may require you to find a new home to lower your mortgage payment. However, this is not something you want to put into the minds of your potential home buyers. 

Don’t let prospective homebuyers know the reason you are selling is because you do not want the high mortgage payment. It is very likely they will go find a cheaper mortgage as well. 

Even when the homebuyer finds the asking price acceptable, they might question its value. Knowing it has become too expensive for you may cause them to scrutinize what the house is worth. They will also be able to see the pricing history of the home, which could influence their decision as well. 

Be sure you know exactly what your home is worth so that you can list the asking price with confidence. A reasonable and well-researched asking price will allow you to eliminate potential home buyers who truly cannot afford the mortgage and are hoping you will actually reduce your asking price or accept a lowball offer.

5. Made an Offer on Another Home 

When you are selling a home in Litchfield Park and have decided to buy a new home, you may find yourself in what we call the “Real Estate Catch-22.” It is the unfortunate circumstance where you end up with 2 mortgage payments because you have not yet sold the old home but have already bought a new one.

A potential home buyer can use this information to their advantage during negotiations in order to get you to lower your price or accept a low offer because they know that you are now desperate to stop paying 2 mortgages. They could again try to stall the sale as a tactic to get you to accept a lowball offer.

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ, we provide you with the guaranteed home sale program to ensure that you never fall into the trap of the “Real Estate Catch-22” when you work with us as your Litchfield Park real estate company.

6. Scenery Change

Sometimes people simply need a change of pace or new surroundings. There may not actually be a problem with their current environment, but they do not feel that they can flourish there anymore. That is a perfectly reasonable explanation for selling a home in Litchfield Park.

However, giving this information to home buyers will make them question the safety of the neighborhood and second guess whether their family will be able to prosper there. Don’t open up Pandora’s box!

7. Family/Medical Needs 

If a family member has fallen ill or needs medical care, this can be a serious situation and moving is a common issue. However, medical concerns are nobody’s business but your own. 

Medical issues can also cause serious red flags for the home buyers, especially in the era of COVID-19. If a home buyer believes that sickness began in the house, they may continue to think that their family will also fall ill in the house. This is often the case even when the medical issue is not contagious or related to COVID-19.

Sell a Home in Litchfield Park Fast by Researching the Right Asking Price

Setting a home’s listed asking price is a delicate task because it requires you to walk a fine line. If you ask too much for the house, potential home buyers may not take you seriously, and no one will even bother to look at the house. An asking price that is too low will likely result in a less than stellar profit for you.

For these reasons, it is critical that you do research into the real estate market and find out exactly what your home is worth. That way, your home buyers know exactly what you are looking to get for the home, and you may be able to obtain as close to the listing price as possible.

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ, our real estate agents can help you set a reasonable asking price that meets your needs and takes many factors into consideration. We also offer a variety of home seller guarantees that will ensure you are satisfied with the final sale of your home.

Your Location Makes a Difference in Your Litchfield Park Home’s Listing Price 

When you sell a home in Litchfield Park, it is important to take into account where exactly you live in the city. This will affect your listing price and your ability to ask for a profitable amount. As a home seller, you should know what the homes in your area have sold for so that you have a good idea of what home buyers will be expecting when they look at your home.

There are a few common location issues that you need to consider when listing your home for sale and setting an asking price. These include:

  • Living in a Subdivision
  • Living in an Older Neighborhood
  • Selling Your Litchfield Park Home By Yourself

These three situations could have an impact on your asking price, so be sure to talk to your real estate agent to figure out what the level of impact could be.

Living in a Subdivision

Living in a subdivision means that your home will be similar to others in the area, and your asking price will likely need to be along the same lines that others have sold for recently. Home buyers will look at the comparable homes around yours and expect a similar price since most of the homes in a subdivision have identical floor plans. 

If you set an asking price that is far higher than others, you have to remember that home buyers cannot see the upgrades or differences when they look at comparable homes. You need to make it obvious why your home is worth much more money.

Living in an Older Neighborhood

When you live in an older neighborhood, the homes in your area could differ in small or major ways. It may actually be difficult for you to find comparable homes to help you set your asking price. That is where the skill and expertise of an experienced real estate agent comes into play.

Selling Your Litchfield Park Home By Yourself

If you decide to take on the task of selling a home in Litchfield Park on your own, be ready for the challenge, even when setting an asking price. You will need to do some quality research in order to establish what your home is worth and how you can price it to sell fast. Be sure to check the selling prices of similar homes in your area from the last 6 months since that is how prospective home buyers will decide if your home is worth the money you are asking.

Taking a quick trip to City Hall and researching home sale information in the public records can also be very beneficial. Check out this newest report, How To Sell Your Home Without An Agent And Save The Commission!, to help in your For Sale By Owner adventure.

Window Shop at Your Neighbor’s House

When you need to know what the competition is doing to sell a home in Litchfield Park, going to their open houses is a great strategy. That way you can find out exactly what attracts potential home buyers and what turns them away. Be sure to look at such things as:

  • Floor plans
  • Condition of the home
  • The appearance
  • Size of the lot
  • Location
  • Extra features

This will help you determine if the asking price for your home is actually too high compared to the others who are also on the market. Make sure you take note of the asking price for these Litchfield Park area homes versus the actual selling price.

Work with a Litchfield Park Real Estate Agent Who Guarantees to Sell a Home Fast 

Making the choice of which real estate agent to work with is an essential step and not a decision to be made lightly. So, how do you know that you are making the right decision about a real estate agent who can sell a home quickly in Litchfield Park?

Take some time to actually interview your potential real estate agent. Use these real estate agent selection factors in your interview and make a decision based on their answers. Do not just call the first real estate agent you see a sign for and trust that they have your best interests at heart.

For a real estate agent who can guarantee that your home will sell fast in Litchfield Park, AZ, and for top dollar, your best choice is our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ.

Picking the right real estate agent instead of selling a home on your own is definitely a win-win situation. According to a survey conducted by The National Association of Realtors, two-thirds of individuals who attempted to sell a home on their own stated that they would not repeat that process. Their reasons included:

  • Setting a price
  • Marketing handicaps
  • Liability concerns
  • Time constraints 

Remember, not all real estate agents are dedicated to working for you and your family’s best interests. Check out this report,  Questions Real Estate Agents Hate, before you actually make the decision. It could be the difference in financial success or ruin in the home selling process.

Make the Right Choice to Sell a Home in Litchfield Park, AZ, with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ 

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ, you will be working with an award-winning real estate team with vast experience in the real estate market. We guarantee that we will be able to sell a home in Litchfield Park fast and for top dollar. Our proven track record speaks for itself.

Whether we are in a hot or cold real estate market, our skilled team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ can always make speedy home sales. Check out our stats:

  • Our clients’ homes sell faster than average agents 
  • We have thousands of pre-qualified buyers in our database who want homes like yours
  • We may be able to sell a home for you before it even hits the real estate market

As you can see, we know how to sell a home in Litchfield Park fast! Be sure to use our FREE home evaluation system to make sure you know what you could get for your home.

Give Your Litchfield Park Area Home a Makeover

The look and feel of your Litchfield Park area home is critical when it comes to making a good impression on potential home buyers. It is essential that you do everything you can to get your home in tip-top condition before home buyers come to see it. The better your home looks, the stronger emotional response it will elicit. 

Make sure potential home buyers can easily envision themselves living in your home by giving them a positive reaction to everything they see, hear, smell, and feel. Give your home the makeover it needs to be as attractive as possible.

Clean and Fix Everything, No Matter How Small

When selling a home in Litchfield Park, everything needs to be absolutely perfect. That means you have a lot of cleaning, scrubbing, scouring, and fixing to do. Even the smallest, least significant thing should be taken into account because it could be the reason a potential home buyer walks away from the sale or completes it.

As a new daily routine, here are some of things you need to do:

  • Throw away clutter
  • Eliminate all dust, cobwebs, or other signs of procrastination on cleaning
  • Fix anything that sounds strange
  • Repair everything, big or small, throughout the house
  • Replace or fill cracks in the mirrors

Your home needs to look and feel pristine when potential home buyers come to view it, and you never know what could be a deal-breaker. When in doubt, consider everything! And remember that you are competing against other resale homes as well as brand new builds.

Eliminate Unpleasant Odors

Odors from pets, children, food, and smoking can infiltrate a home and never leave it. The homeowners will generally become accustomed to the smell, but those who come to visit are likely to notice it immediately. That means you have extra work to do to get rid of those penetrating odors.

Just as you want to remove all personal touches that you have made in the house (family photos, knick-knacks, family heirlooms), you also need to eliminate any traces of smells from your family. Don’t make home buyers think that a smell also means stains that may not even be there.

Identify Your Home Buyer’s Motivation to Help You Sell a House in Litchfield Park, AZ

When it comes to negotiations, it is essential that you figure out a way to get the advantage so that you can sell a home fast and for the best price possible. One way to get this upper hand is to understand your home buyer’s motivation. 

If you can identify the home buyer’s reason for buying a home in Litchfield Park or why they may need to do it in a timely manner, you can control the negotiation process more easily. Remember, home buyers want a great property for a low price. Finding their motivation may be able to help you turn the tide in your direction.

Get in the best position possible so that you can negotiate more effectively. With more information on your side, you can come to the table well-armed and able to negotiate your price more effectively. 

Stay Put Before You Sell a House in Litchfield Park

While it may seem counterintuitive, you do not want to completely move out of your home before you have sold it. Selling a vacant home is actually more difficult than selling a home that is furnished and appears to be lived in. When a home buyer sees an empty home, it can appear less appealing and forgotten. 

That is why you will want to keep some of your items in the home to make it look “home-y”. It can also prevent your home buyers from thinking that you are in a hurry to sell and may be able to negotiate you down in your price. This could result in you losing  thousands of dollars.

Be Aware of the Home Buyer’s Budget and Timeline

Another way to get an advantage in negotiations is by understanding the home buyer’s budget and timeline. Find out how much the home buyer is qualified to borrow, including the down payment, so that you know if negotiating with them will even be worth your time. A low offer may indicate that they actually cannot afford your asking price at all.

Also, a home buyer’s closing date preference is less likely to be a preferred date and more likely to be a necessity. If they have a fast deadline approaching, you may be able to negotiate a higher closing price to sell the house fast. 

The best situation is when you can sell a house in Litchfield Park in your own time frame without any risks or stress. That makes the home selling process much easier.

Relax During Home Selling Negotiations

Even though you have plenty of emotions and feelings when it comes to selling a home in Litchfield Park, it is best to leave those emotions at the door when you enter into the negotiation process. It is much easier to sell a home without emotions clouding your judgment. 

If you can consider the sale of your home in Litchfield Park as a business deal, you will be able to stay calm, negotiate effectively, and get the best price. You can also gain the upper hand if your home buyer begins to get emotionally invested in the process.

Low Offers Are Going to Happen – Don’t Worry

A very common occurrence in the home buying process is to receive a very low initial offer from your home buyer. They are simply testing the waters, and they are likely well-aware that you will not take that offer seriously. He or she (or the real estate agent) knows that the home will be sold for a much higher price. 

So, how do you handle a low offer? Follow these rules:

Stay Calm

As with the previous point, it is always important to stay calm during negotiations and don’t take anything personally. Simply evaluate the initial offer to ensure that:

  • It spells out the offering price
  • There is a sufficient deposit on the down payment
  • The mortgage amount is stated
  • A closing date is listed
  • Special requests are noted

From here, you can negotiate into a more serious range for the price.

Get Ready to Counter the Offer

If you do not like the initial offer, you can provide a counter offer. This should be just under your asking price, and it lets the home buyer know that you are not taking the initial offer seriously.

You should only be negotiating with home buyers who can provide serious offers on your house for sale in Litchfield Park since anything else would just be a waste of time for you and for them. It will ensure that your home is able to sell quickly as well. If the home does not sell, our experienced real estate agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ will not leave you out in the cold. 

How to Calculate Your Listing Price to Sell a House in Litchfield Park

The listing price for a home in the real estate market is not a magic number or your fondest wish for the price. The listing price for selling a home needs to be calculated based on a number of essential factors. 

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ, we often find ourselves answering the question of how much a home in Litchfield Park could sell for. Home sellers want to know how much and how fast a home can sell for in the current real estate market. 

The best way to ensure that you have calculated the listing price appropriately is to get the advice and assistance necessary from an experienced real estate agent such as ours at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ. We will ensure your house in Litchfield Park sells fast and for top dollar!

Cash Is King for Selling a Home Fast in Litchfield Park 

When you need to sell a house in Litchfield Park fast, one of the best ways to do so is selling a home for cash. It ensures that you are able to get the most out of your property while also finishing the process quickly. With cash in hand, you can then buy a new home of your own without taking on new debt!

So, how do you find cash home buyers? Simple! Ask our real estate agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ. We have marketing systems and consumer programs designed to find the best-qualified prospective home buyers who are ready and willing to pay cash for a home like yours.

Using our system, we will match your home with the right home buyers to pay cash. When we find those home buyers, we will let you know that we want to bring them by to see the house. Our team will not make you leave your house unless it is being shown to serious cash home buyers!

Sell a Home in Litchfield Park, AZ, Fast with Our Real Estate Agents

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