Top 4 Mistakes When Listing Your Home for Sale in Glendale

Having a home for sale in Glendale means that you have several big decisions to make. One of these is picking the right realtor to sell your home. Unfortunately, many home sellers make the wrong choice and end up wasting time, energy and money. 

Here we detail 4 common mistakes home sellers make when they have a home for sale in Glendale and what you can do to avoid making the same ones yourself.

Avoid These Pitfalls When You Have a Home for Sale in Glendale

The 4 most common pitfalls home sellers fall for include:

  1. Hiring the realtor that promises the highest (unrealistic) sale price
  2. Accepting a realtor’s work at a reduced commission
  3. Choosing a realtor based on superficial reasons and not experience
  4. Hiring a realtor who doesn’t work with a team

1. Keep Your Sale Price Expectations Realistic

To get your business, some realtors will quote you an unrealistically high sale price for your home. They may quote you a sale price thousands of dollars more than what your home is really worth.

You may think setting your listing price as high as possible is a good thing. Rather, if you set your listing price higher than comparable homes in your area your home will get passed by prospective homebuyers. This will lead to a series of inevitable price reductions which can give the impression to homebuyers that there is something wrong with your home. 

The expert realtors at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty AZ know how to price your home to sell. We offer a comparative market analysis that will help you get top dollar for your home.

2. Offers of a Discounted Commission Aren’t in Your Best Interest

Some realtors will offer a discounted commission to entice you to sign with them. The truth is discounted commissions come with a reduction in services. A realtor can’t sell a home effectively or for top dollar if they are cutting back on expenditures like marketing. 

Did you know that it’s been proven that homeowners who sell their homes with a realtor do so for more money? This means that, even if you save money on the commission, you will still lose money on the sale price. 

3. Don’t Hire a Realtor for Superficial Reasons

When you choose a realtor, you should do so because of their proven track record of success. Superficial details like whether they are the nicest or have the most impressive office shouldn’t influence your decision. Just because someone is a people person does not mean they understand how to market your home effectively or sell it for top dollar.

4. Don’t Be Fooled By Solo Realtors

Some home sellers prefer a realtor who works by themselves because they believe that they will get more one-on-one personalized attention that way. The truth is that oftentimes when working with a solo realtor you get less personal attention because they are trying to juggle multiple clients and several complicated real estate transactions at once. Details get forgotten, mistakes are made, and you are left with an inferior result.

Get Expert Realtor Help for Your Home Sale

When you have a home for sale in Glendale, you deserve the best realtor representation in the area. We are expert realtors who have helped many clients just like you sell their home fast and for top dollar. We guarantee our results – just ask about our Seller Guarantees when you call us at 623-283-2067 or contact us here.

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